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Mindia's fight with devi-Loperi, 2024

As a guest at the  TUTA Writer-in-Residence program, Darakhvelidze worked on a new edition of his series “Citizen's Newspaper". The edition focuses on events in the Rioni Valley. The primary character of the graphic novel/newspaper is "Mindya," who battles the modern-day deity "Devi-loperi." Mindya is today's allusion to Vaja-Pshavela's Snakeeater. The hero's battle highlights extreme stances resulting from the alienation caused by the languages of people and corporations.
Modern local or international information-media language (Devi-Loperi's language, according to the graphic novel) generates socio-political realities where nature, culture, and humanity are distinct. It ignores local sensibilities. This vision was clearly expressed on March 14, 2021, International Day of the Rivers, at a rally in Lechkhumi, Georgia that evolved into a national-scale protest demonstration against the construction of a hydroelectric station.
The project focuses on Georgia's nature and culture, which coexist with humans in contrast to modern Devi's extraction businesses.

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