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  1. The Caucasian History Lesson - 2016

    The starting point of this project is the way history is being taught in schools; the educational system being a crucial site where our understanding and visions of the world, and our place in it, are formed.
    During my research and travels through the (wider) Caucasus region I collected school history books in Armenia, Azerbaijan Turkey and Russia. I became increasingly struck with how these history books present the same key events in past and recent history in radically different ways.

    The Caucasian History Lesson was shown during the group exhibition Here There. Matters of Location, Contemporary Georgian Art, curated by Charles Merewether at the Georgian National Museum of Arts Tbilisi  & the Tskaltubo Art Festival 2016

    The Caucasian History Book was proposed for the Georgian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2017, it’s current status being ‘Back up project’.